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  • National Foster Care Conference

    National Foster Care Conference

    This is the spring conference geared towards Foster Care Professionals. There are no youth at this event. This event is generally held in the month of May.

  • National Independent Living Conference

    National Independent Living Conference

    This is the fall conference geared towards professionals in the field of independent living, foster care, group homes and/or residential programs. This event also includes a track for youth in care/receiving services in IL programs.


Workshops can be one and a half hours to three hours in length and may include a broad range of topics. We invite you to submit workshop proposals on:

  • Latest research
  • Practice excellence
  • Organizational leadership
  • Legislative initiatives
  • Other topics designed to improve outcomes for our children, youth and families

 While we encourage presenters to share their new publications, curricula, and other tools, we ask that you refrain from using workshops to “sell” products. Exhibit space is available for those who would like to promote their goods and services.


  • Presenters are encouraged to support presentations with handouts and other documents for attendees
  • Workshop format should include audience participation and engagement
  • Daniel is not able to provide LCDs for Power Point presentations. You may bring your own projector or make arrangements with the hotel for these services, as well as wifi access, at your expense


Selection Process

Workshop proposals will be selected based on their relevance to the field and target audience, ability to address policy/program areas, engaging format, interactive design and originality. Once your proposal submission is received, the Primary Presenter will receive an email confirmation of receipt. Final selection decisions will be made by the Daniel National Conference Planning Committee. Notification of proposal selection will be sent to the Primary Contact Person via email.

Submission Details

Contact information and workshop description captured below will be printed in the conference brochure if submission is selected.

  • The day prior to the conference start.

DESCRIPTION: A screen and A/V cart will be provided. Presenter is responsible to provide their own projector and laptop.

Please check if you would like a flipchart in your session room

Primary Presenter Details


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